To: The Struggling Marketer
RE: Money In 7 Days?
From: The OTO Secret Weapons Team!

Dear Friend...

I know that you've spent countless hours on the computer sifting and wading through offer after offer that these so called "experts" are shoving down your throat.

All of them crammed full of their "buy my shit" antics, and all of them so hyped up and full of crap it makes me want to puke.

Fake actors on video with wannabe gangsters touting their "wealth"... Puuullleeeze!

Maybe you remember the sales video with the former drug abusing hooker who slept her way to the secrets to Internet wealth?


It's gotten THAT bad with these scum bags!

You're downloading their latest ebooks, software programs, and video courses that are SUPPOSED to help you with:
Affiliate marketing
List building
Keyword research
Joint ventures
Product creation
Website building
And on and on and on...
... I don't need to keep going on because I know YOU know what I'm talking about.

They're putting you through hell.

They're running you ragged.

They're overloading you...

All with stuff that doesn't work, never did work, or only worked 5 years ago.

And damn...

All you want to do is make some money online! All you're asking for is a fighting chance to add some extra money into your pocket each month. And yet you're still being held back...

They're like a big giant roadblock to the fast cash you deserve.

Here's the real truth... Building your own online business and making money from it is just not that hard. The money is right here for the taking...

And the only reason these "experts" ARE making it hard for you is because they're not trying to help you make money, they're simply there to EXTRACT money from you.

So... Stop everything... Forget all that nonsense, and...

Jeff, Mike, and I have all been responsible for many millions in online sales. We've built our Internet fortunes through a simple but powerful methodology, and of course - AUTOMATION.

Over the past few years, our relationships grew from acquaintances to friends to business partners all because we shared the same ideas.

To help people make more money, and make our business make more money at the same time! Make more money, and get more time to enjoy it.

For us. For our friends. For our family. For you!

Bottom line it's all about making more money and working WAY less!

And the easiest way to that path is through a simple but deadly effective method backed by powerful push button technology.

Now, while we have certainly spent a fair amount of time building our own personal Internet cash war chests, we're not really greedy people.

In fact, we each have decided to help pull YOU from the 'goo-roo' merry go round...

And help you achieve the kind of success you desire and making the kind of cash you've always wanted.

So, for the last 7 solid months we have combined our resources of time and money to create an all in one point and click system that you can use to start making money in as little as 7 days...

Get that?

7 days from today... You could be making real spendable cash!

In just one week from today...
 Even if you have no website...

 Even if you have no product of your own...

 Even if you have no list today...

Forget "blind" sales copy that is designed to simply sell you a dream, and doesn't ever tell you what you're getting.

We know what we have for you works. PERIOD!

We know you can be using it to make cash in 7 days or less.

We're THAT confident.

So, we're not leaving you blind...

We're being totally transparent here...

In fact, here's a look at EVERYone timeTHING you're getting, including demo videos, so you can see for yourself the real power of...

So let's dig in...

The sooner we get started, the sooner you've got real... spendable cash... in your pockets!

Module 1: 7 Days To Spendable Cash In Your Pockets

To kick this system off I'm handing you 6 different blueprints that will show you how to use one time offers to make a ton of cash!

Even if you don't have a website.

Even if you have no products of your own.

Or even if all you do is affiliate marketing (of course affiliate marketers can use one time offers)

You can still cash in with what I'll be teaching you...

Here are the blueprints you'll be getting...

Blueprint 1: List Building Cash Vacuum

With this blueprint I'll be showing you how to setup squeeze pages, create one time offers for them, and how to make money off of people who opt-in to your squeeze page.

With this blueprint you'll be getting paid for building your list!

I'll also be throwing in even more ways to make money too, so don't miss this one.

This blueprint will become the newbies best friend because ANYONE, even my 9 year old son, can make money with this one!

Blueprint 2: Free Member Profit Tumbler

Giving away free memberships is one of the most profitable business models out there. I'm going to show you how to use it, and monetize it with one time offers.

With this blueprint you'll learn how to get other people to drive traffic into your free membership, and make YOU a ton of cash!

This blueprint also comes with even more strategies that will show you how to make money with this model!

Blueprint 3: Doubled Profits System

Having your own products is hands down the best way to make butt loads of money online, however many people are leaving tons of cash on the table.

I'll show you easy ways to create money-making memberships, and then double your profits by using one time offers!

This is where you'll learn tons of different sales funnels that the gurus use, so you can cash in just like they do!

This blueprint will blow away even the most seasoned marketer!

Blueprint 4: Resell Rights Cash Machine

Products with rights aren't dead, and in this blueprint I'll prove it to you!

I'll show you how you can use all of those hundreds (more like thousands probably) of products you have on your hard drive to make some killer cash over and over again!

This is like spinning straw into gold, and you'll be able to do it whenever you want!

Super duper easy tactic that I know you'll love...

Blueprint 5: Affiliate one time Offer Secrets

Heck yeah affiliates can use one time offers!

If you know the secrets that I'm handing you in this blueprint.

I'll show you how to setup a killer system that anyone who buys anything through your affiliate link you'll be able to cash in on with your own one time offers!

No one has ever revealed this kind of information, so make sure that you grab this blueprint first when you get into the member's area because this information simply can't be found anywhere else!

Super stealthy... :)

Each blueprint comes with a complete step-by-step diagram that you can print out and follow, a checklist to ensure you get everything right, a traffic plan (Yes! I even cover how to get traffic), and video tutorials so you know exactly how to setup one, two, three, or even ALL of the blueprints to create tons of different income streams!

This Is A Huge Time And Money Saver!

This is a huge time and money saver. I've been trying to find ways to make my money back faster from paid traffic and this is just what I needed. I also love the huge collection of nearly 400 hundred products to choose from. Check out my video to see how well it works!

Nequan Jordan

Module 2: Easy Click One Time Offer System

With this module you'll be able to take any of the blueprints from module one, put them to use and use the automated software you'll get to create your "money pages".

Fill in a few forms, put in your PayPal buy now information, and out pops a ready to go page that is live and ready for people to buy from that you can plug-in and start making money with.

This software will...

Allow you to pick from 15 different pre-made one time offer sales pages with products already for sale on them.

Simply input your name, what template you want to use, your PayPal buy now information (yes... all the money goes to you), click the finish button and you have a ready to go one time offer that you can begin making money with immediately!

This software even creates the download page for your one time offer too...

No uploading, FTP-ing, or any of that other geeky time consuming stuff!

There are also many other functions when you use the customizing like...

  The ability to pick a down sell - Just because someone says no to an offer once doesn't mean they'll always say no. Use the down sell offer to present them with another offer that can make you money!

  Pick "topic specific" pre-made one time offers - You can select topics like Facebook, WordPress plugins, make money PLR offers, niche PLR offers, master resell rights products, video tutorials, software, and more!

There's basically ready to go one time offer pages on several different topics so you can make money with basically any topic!

  Add automatic bonuses to your download page - As I said above this software also creates your download pages, and you can add bonuses to your download pages giving free things away that will make you money!

We've found awesome offers that you can add your affiliate link to, and if your customers click on the free offer, get it, and then buy anything you get paid!

  Add monetized resource boxes to your download page - On top of bonuses you can also add recommended resources to your download pages that also have your affiliate link hooked to them so you get paid when your customers click and buy!

These are hot offers proven to make people buy!

  Make your one time offers REAL one time offers - We've also built in a special option that you can select where you can make your one time offer a true one time offer!

When people leave your page they'll never be able to see your one time offer again. This trains your customers to buy from you quickly in the future!

And yet another cool money-getting feature when your customer tries to come back to your one time offer they see your bonus boxes and recommended resource boxes so you have yet another chance to make money because your affiliate links are tied to those!

Last Minute Bonus: We were going to limit people to 10 one time offer pages that they could create. For a short time though you can create up to 2,000 one time offer pages!

We're doing this because at a recent Live Warrior Event we attended we had so much fun with fellow Warriors we just had to add this bonus for Warriors!

I Have Finally Found One!

I cannot believe what this incredible package is going to do for me. After trying numerous other packages, I have finally found one that will start earning me some real money!

Dalyn Baker

Module 3: Easy Click One Time Offer System With Full Blown Customization

With this module you'll be able to take any of the blueprints from module one, put them to use and use the automated software you'll get to create your "money pages", but you get to totally customize them to exactly what you want...

Just like in module 2 all you have to do is fill in a few forms, put in your PayPal buy now information, and out pops a ready to go page that is live and ready for people to buy from that you can plug-in and start making money with instantly.

You'll of course have all the functions from module 2, (1-5 above) but you'll also be able to...

  Pick from over 450 products to create your own one time-offer pages - We have a database of over 450 products (and we're still adding to it) that you can pull up to 25 products from at a time of your choice and use them in your one time offer. And of course with every one time offer you create you can use the same or different products!

You can mix and match, pick products that are all related, or anything else you can think of!

Imagine the amount and diversity of one time offers you could create and make money from! Remember you can make up to 2,000 of these pages!

Create these for any of the tactics in the blueprints you'll be getting in Module 1, and there's no stopping you from making a ton of money...

  Add a special welcome message to your one time offer page - This allows you to add a "please confirm", "for customers of NAME only", or any other customized message you'd like.

You'll be able to grab your customer's attention in any way that you want!

  Add a YouTube video to your one time offer page - Video makes people buy! Now you can add your own customized video to your one time offer page to make more people buy your one time offer!

  Specify guarantee period - The longer the guarantee period the better your conversions will be, and we're allowing you to decide what type of guarantee you want to offer!

It's The Stealth Bomber!

OMG this is not a Secret Weapon its the Stealth Bomber with laser targeting. Anyone can set up their IM business with this in one evening even newbies will find this extremely easy to use.

Gerald Glinski

I said we were transparent and I meant it! :)

And now you are going to get all the blueprints that show you how to make money like we do using one time offers PLUS the software that automates setting everything up for you!

You're going to be shown all of our secrets for making the hundreds of thousands of dollars online, take those secrets, and plug them in for yourself!

Everything has been assembled specifically to get you making money, FAST!

All without an annoying learning curve so even total newbies can use it, but advanced enough that anyone can profit from it.

And you WILL profit.

Because we've left ABSOLUTELY NOTHING out of this "all inclusive system" because (unlike most) we really do want you to succeed!

Now normally I'd call it a day right there...

I mean we're handing you our exact methods for making 6 figures a year and giving you our push button cash machine...


You're a Warrior.

We feel like we have to up the ante even more, and that's why this Special Offer includes bonuses worth thousands of dollars!

For real!

Now even though you'll already have our 7 Days to Spendable Cash blueprints for fast Internet success, and our quick click OTO software that is engineered to funnel cash to your accounts like clockwork, we want to take extra care of you too.

Because everyone that grabs OTO Secret Weapons gets these incredible bonuses which all include immediate access...

6 Figure Backends Revealed

Jeff has done a special video where he will walk you through his sites and share secrets and strategies that he has used to bring in over one million dollars on just a couple of his sites just by using upsells and one time offers.

Many of these secrets have never been revealed before to the public, and he's revealing all...

You'll discover:
 How Jeff was able to give away a CD and bring in $553,121 in just 9 days.

 Why Jeff doesn't even care if he gives away 100% of the money for some of his sites and it's not because he's crazy. (That's debatable though. :))

 Watch as Jeff logs into his sites live to show you proof of his income. He doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk too!

 Discover why a certain autoresponder made Jeff delete over 18,000 names just a couple months ago and why he was happy to do it!

 Find out what the future has in store for Internet Marketing and the direction you need to take now before it's too late.
Jeff is the real deal...

He's made millions in his career, he's built businesses (even real offline businesses) from the ground up, and the knowledge he'll share in this video is absolutely priceless!

Extreme Website Traffic Training Coaching Program

This workshop is broken up into three modules and consists of over 100 videos! Here's what's taught in each module...

Module 1: Getting Your Traffic PhD

In this module we will cover over 100 different ways that you can use to get traffic. Yes, I said over 100 DIFFERENT ways...

Each traffic tactic will be taught via video lessons that you will be able to watch. I'll personally show you how to do the tactic. It will be like you're looking right over my shoulder. And you'll be able to watch these videos at your own pace, when, and how you want. Even as many times as you want...

You'll always have access to all the traffic lessons...

Module 2: Laying The Correct Foundation

In this module we will discuss the different types of sites that are out there, their functions, and which sites should use which tactics.

We'll cover content sites, mini-sites, sales letter sites, blogs, review sites, squeeze pages, other lead generation sites, and many, many, more...

Have a different kind of site? Don't worry... Just let me know and I'll tell you what kind of traffic your site needs.

That's what this module is all about... Having the right site, the serves the right purpose, and using the correct traffic tactics for that site! That's the key to true success with your website!

Module 3: Your Own Traffic Plan

In this module you'll be creating your very own traffic plan. You'll use what you learned in modules 2 and 3, and create a day to day plan of what traffic tactics you should use, and when.

This is the final key to getting consistent traffic, and traffic that actually makes you money.

By the time you get done with this workshop you'll have...

A professional looking website...

A website that has one focus... (sell a product, get them to click link, signup, etc)

A ready to go plan that will show you what to do each and every day to get traffic to your website...

This is ALL you need to know to take a website and have it making money for you...
Look, I think it's plain to see that we didn't just find a bunch of crap to throw on this page to give you bonuses.

We strategically planned all of these to help you make money faster!

Plain and simple!

And if they're not enough to send you searching for the Buy Button, then this for sure will...

Grab instant access to OTO Secret Weapons today!

Right now!

Jump in immediately to this all inclusive, easy online income system, go through the training, use the automated software, and make as much money as you want, starting in as little as 7 days!

If for some reason you're not completely satisfied, then simply shoot us an email, and we'll refund every penny of your investment...

No crazy hoops to jump through... Nothing to send back to us... No run arounds...

Bottom line...

If you're not 100% satisfied, tell us, and we'll give you your money back!

Zero hassles.

We're taking ALL the risk here, so you have absolutely nothing to lose... You can join us with a clear mind and no worries, so you can totally concentrate on making some money!

Listen I know you want to make money or MORE money, and you want more time to enjoy it, or you wouldn't be here right now.

Well, we have the solution for that!

In fact, we have the solution that guarantees money in your pockets in as little as 7 days, so now we need you to commit to success, and get started right now!

Remember that you're getting...

  7 Days To Spendable Cash In Your Pockets Blueprints - Use these to learn the exact techniques and strategies that you can use to cash in with one time offers.

It doesn't matter if you don't have a product, a list, or even if all you do is affiliate marketing, you can make money with these blueprints.

  Our Easy Click OTO Software System - Use this software to create one time offers that you can put into place using any of the 7 Day To Profits Blueprints!

  OTO Customization Software - Create your own one time offers using our push button software. You can pick from almost 450 products, and add many other sales elements to your one time offer sales pages.

  4 Weeks Of Coaching With Us Personally! - Getting real live hands on coaching is incredibly expensive, but we're throwing it in for free with this offer.

You'll get to attend FOUR weekly live coaching webinars where we'll teach you even more ways to make money with one time offers and backends along with helping you with any questions you have!

This alone is worth 10 times more what you'll be paying for this entire package!

  Backend Breakthrough Course With Rights! - This is a monstrous course that includes videos, advanced strategies, help for newbies and so much more.

You'll also get Master Resell Rights to the entire course. Sell just one of these and you could have your entire investment back in your pocket!

  6 Figure Backends Revealed - Watch as Jeff shows you via video how he's made almost a million dollars with just a few sites using one time offers!

This tutorial will give you more ideas to make money, and you'll see how the "big boys" are cashing in with one time offers and other backend systems!

  Extreme Website Traffic Training Coaching Program - Most courses you buy never tell you how to get traffic, but not this one!

You'll be able to go through this entire coaching program, learn what you need to do before driving any traffic, how to get your site to where it needs to be to be ready for traffic, and then learn over 100 different ways to drive traffic!

You'll walk away from this coaching program with a complete traffic plan that you can use to get as much traffic as you want to any offer you ever create!



But we have the blueprints, AND the automation that can get you there!

As you can see you're getting an amazing chance to make a lot of money when you join us.

And if you don't feel the same way, we've got you covered with our 100% no B.S. money back guarantee.


We have dedicated support that will have cash back in your PayPal at light speed if for some reason you're not happy, you've got nothing to lose, and a crap-ton of money to gain!


More time to enjoy that newfound money!

And since the price of OTO Secret Weapons goes up each time someone buys, the faster you take action, the sooner you'll be profitable.

Go ahead and click on the order button right now, and we'll see you on the inside!


To Your Success!

Liz Tomey & The OTO Secret Weapons Team

P.S. It's time to end the days of mulling over complicated software and techie tasks, overwhelmed by information and start becoming a true online marketer. This is the year you change your life and start putting REAL money in the bank. This software is the answer you have been waiting for.

P.P.S. My products are backed by a 100% bullet proof money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with my program. We will refund every penny you invested and even let you keep the bonuses as a gift for your trouble. Only good feelings.

P.P.P.S. I am offering this product right now only on the forum for this low price. I am planning on raising the price when I launch this off the forum, and even charging a monthly subscription fee. Invest now or you will hate yourself later.

Many Income Streams!

I love being able to create pages in minutes, instead of days. I love the professional look, the amazing included products, and the many income streams possible with this one product. There is no way I could afford to pay a web designer to create this awesome system, there is no way I could afford to buy all the included products.. Truly your best work yet!!

James Garvin

This Is A Huge Time And Money Saver!

Jeff, Liz, and Mike... This is an awesome product. The interface is easy to use and I was able to create a salespage and OTO page in just minutes! This is truly a business in a box where the beginning entrepreneur has everything at their fingertips to get started right away. Keep up with the good work!

Lisa Thompson

You Really Held Nothing Back!

Way to go Jeff, Liz, and Mike! As you promised, you really held nothing back in "OTO Secret Weapons". You revealed all the closely guarded Guru secrets about how to make some serious money online, such as (a) Systematization, (b) Monetization, (c) Automatization, and (d) Scalability of business. OSW would be an invaluable asset in any Internet Marketer's arsenal whether they are professionals or newbies. It has saved me a lot of money since I just cancelled a membership site that was charging me $99.00 per month for fewer tools and less customization. Thanks again, OSW would be, from now on, my only one-stop center for all my niche research, product search, and marketing.

Dr. Tony S. Brown, I.T.G.S.,
Internet Traffic Generation Specialist,